Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage all members keep their Carnivore Club boxes in the fridge. The meat in the boxes change from month to month but on average they have a shelf life of 1-3 months. The meats are cured and sealed which makes it possible for them to be stored at room temperature (60 degrees) for at least month. You will increase the shelf life and maintain the quality of the meats by storing properly in your fridge.
Carnivore Club does it's best to select meats that everyone can eat. We work with a different supplier each month which means our product changes each month and some meats may contain ingredients that were not in the previous boxes. Please contact us for any specific allergy related questions.
Custom Carnivore Club themes or special product requests are done for corporate gifting only and require advance notice with a minimum order of 100 boxes. For more information and/or to place an order please contact and someone will respond within 24 hours.
NEW! Carnivore Club receives orders for the current month's box between the 1st to 31st of every month.
We process and ship our orders on the first week of the month after you placed your order. We use the UK, Hermes Expedited Parcel service which takes 2 to 4 business days to complete delivery. You will receive a confirmation email when your shipping label has been printed, communicating your delivery for that particular month. Carnivore Club ships across the European Union.

After completing your purchase, you can log-in to your account and change your shipping address via the 'boxes en route' tab. In case of a recurring subscription, visit your 'current subscriptions' tab and change the address for all future billings.

You can change the month(s) that your boxes are being delivered up until the 31st of each month. Simply visit the 'boxes en route' tab and change the month you would like each box delivered via the drop-down menu.
Authenticity statement in your pamphlet
Each month, Carnivore Club partners with a unique artisan producer of cured meats in our quest to bring you the best meat the world has to offer. Each month our box is shipped to you directly from the artisan that we have chosen to feature this month. Your meat is being handled and sent directly from the artisan who has crafted it by hand before the short trip via our shipping carrier. Carnivore Club does not take physical possession of the products before being shipped to your door. This makes for an authentic club with true artisan meats arriving at your door every month!
Recurring Subscription: Subscription members pay £29/month and sign up for a 3 month minimum, and can cancel anytime once that period has passed. You will be billed immediately for your first purchase and then billed on the first of every month for all subsequent boxes. Our order processing cycle takes place starting the 1st to 31st of every month. For example: purchases between September 1st - September 30th will receive an October box the first week of October.

Subscribed members have the option to change the frequency with which they are billed and receive their boxes. Visit the "Current Subscriptions" tab on your account dashboard and click on the drop down menu to make the changes. Frequency options available are: monthly, bi-monthly (every 2 months), and quarterly (every 3 months).

Gift: All gifts are paid for in full for the number of months desired. If you would like to purchase a 4 month subscription for a lucky someone, you will be billed £32 x 4 months. You will not be billed any additional charges after that. Your gift boxes will automatically ship for the next available month. To make changes to the months with which they arrive, go to the ‘Boxes en Route’ tab.

One-month Subscription: Members that wish to purchase one month at a time can sign up for a one month only membership. You will be billed $55 as a one-time charge.

*All of our memberships and gifts include shipping and taxes.
Subscription members can choose to cancel at anytime. If you wish to cancel before your 3-month initial period, your credit card on file will be billed for the 2nd and/or 3rd box. After cancelling, we will not charge you for any subsequent months, but you will receive a final Carnivore Club box if you already paid for that month. There are no penalties to cancel your Carnivore Club subscription (other than your loss of amazing food, of course).

To cancel an existing subscription, simply sign in and head to your subscriptions page. Click to change the billing information on the subscription you would like to cancel. Scrolling to the bottom of this page you will find the cancel subscription button.
Refund Policy
At this time we do not issue refunds unless your order is damaged. At which point, we will issue full replacements at no cost. We do ask that you provide a photo of the damaged goods, so that we can relay that back to our feature artisan that month.
Gift card
To redeem a gift card code simply sign up and head to your accounts page. Click on the gift card section and you will see an input field to enter your code. After entering your code, click to redeem and your account will be credited for the value of the gift card.