Classic Box


Classic Box

Give the gift of meat

Some gifts will be forgotten no sooner than they’re received. Some will be discarded. Others, re-gifted. This is not one of those gifts. Carnivore Club is the type of gift that gets devoured gleefully and then talked about for many days, or even months, afterword. The type of gift that makes the giver—that’s you—look like a straight up gift giving genius.

Each box of charcuterie incredibleness comes with 4 – 6 premium products and a guide profiling this month’s features. Side effects include sudden increases in popularity and a regret you didn’t think of this sooner.

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A$55 Per box + $5 shipping
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Wooden Crate

Upgrade your Gift to a Wooden Crate - Coming Soon

A$85.00 Per box + $5 shipping